Who We Are

More than Financial Guidance

Our Christian values guide us in offering personalized, independent financial advice. As we listen, plan, advise, and monitor, we educate our clients that money is a tool that will allow them to have more choices in life. Managing the financial part is easier; it’s handling the emotions and understanding where our clients are psychologically that plays a big part in our overall guidance and role as financial advisors.

What Our Clients Look for in a Financial Firm

  • They are ready to have professionals handle their financial matters so they can spend their time enjoying life.
  • They are looking for someone who is reliable and whom they can trust.
  • They want a firm that will treat their money as if it were theirs.
  • They want to work with people they enjoy and feel comfortable with as their financial team because families and money are personal.
  • They are seeking a firm with demonstrated success in helping others.

Loyal Wealth Guardians

Many of our clients and members of the Collins Wealth Management team have dogs as “family members,” and there is something beautiful this relationship illustrates about loyalty. We are watchful, loyal, and provide support and comfort. The trust in and loyalty of a dog to its owner is symbolic of the way we want to be trustworthy to our clients to help guard their wealth

We Invest in Our Clients

As an investment firm, we invest and manage funds, but more importantly, we invest in relationships. We take time to get to know our clients and what is important to them. We educate clients on what to expect from their investments, and we educate them about what to expect from us – upfront.

You won’t find us stuffy or suited up. We are serious when we need to be serious, but we also have a lot of fun with our clients, including bus trips, dinners, and concerts, which inspire laughter and camaraderie. Clients are still talking about the last client event we hosted.

Our Professional Affiliations

Founded by John Collins in 2003, Collins Wealth Management affiliated with Integrated Financial Group in 2014, a select group of like-minded advisors. Integrated Financial Group is a consortium of LPL Financial Planners and is not a Registered Investment Advisor firm. Estate planning and other financial services are offered through LPL Financial. View IFG website for more information.

Our Promise

Success comes from setting expectations and then developing a strategy to exceed them. At Collins Wealth Management we strive every day to understand our clients’ needs and educate them on the best possible strategies to start them on a path toward financial independence.

The reason we exist is because of our clients; therefore, we always put their needs and well-being first. We feel that our clients value our services greatly during life changing events. Not only do we offer them personalized advice, we serve as emotional support for their financial concerns. We are here to offer financial guidance for our clients to help them stay on track in pursuing their goals.

Our promise is to commit to a successful client relationship based on the highest level of honesty, integrity and values.

S – Strategies for your financial needs
U – Unbiased advice
C – Concern for your financial future
C – Commitment to helping you pursue your goals
E – Exceeding your expectations
S – Simplifying your financial life
S – Staying the course